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The way to always look your absolute best and have your eyebrows, eyeliners, contrast areas, lips or lip lines always look perfect is permanent make up. Perfect for every condition.


Before the treatement Melanie will draw the desired model or shape onto your skin and discuss both model and the colour you would like. Off course you can always ask for advise but in the end the design of your choice will be applied.

Permanent make up is a painless proces. It contains the implantation of ink into the top layer of skin. This means that the pigmentation fades with time and the process of natural skin renewal continues as normal.



In our studio we ONLY apply permanent makeup (cosmetic and medical skin pigmentation).

Certified by GGD (Health Service) and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

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Indications for medical skin pigmentation;

  • colour areola (after breast reconstruction)
  • as a result of chemotherapy cancer patients will lose eyebrows and lashes. As a precautionary measure you can have eyebrows or eyelines pigmented.
  • in that way loss of hair in eyebrows and eyelashes resulting from Alopecia Areata can be neutralized by pmu
  • camouflaging a harelip
  • as a result of vitiligo you can have white pigmentation spots camouflaged
  • camouflaging scars

    Prices depend on the size, how old the scar is and the colour of the skin

PMU also provides a solution to people for whom applying makeup is difficult or impossible, for example:
  • people with Parkinson’s disease
  • blind people
  • people with paralysis
  • Multiple Sclerosis patients…
PMU studio melanie Heerlen

Permanent Make-Up


Not only women worry about their appearance but also men are increasingly concerned with the way they look. We are not just talking about their stomachs, baldness, muscles etc., but also their facial appearance is of great importance to them.
For example, PMU provides a solution for hair loss in the eyebrows. By applying the hair stroke technique, the eyebrows can be made to look full and powerful again. For a more appealing expression of the eyes there is the possibility of natural looking eyeliner enhancement.

Men can also have their pale lips treated with a lip tint. For men it remains important: keep it natural !!


Before PMU

After PMU



Instructions concerning aftercare for your permanent make up. The healing period of permanent make up is about one week. General health and physical condition play a role within the healing process. Personal hygiene is really absolutely necessary during this healing period of your permanent make up. Directly after the permanent make up is applied a soothing creme can be rubbed onto the tattooed skin.

You should treat your permanent make up as follows:

  • Do not touch the permanent make up with your hands.
  • After washing dab the wound dry as carefully as possible with a clean tissue.
  • Keep the permanent make up as dry as possible.
  • If necessary, rub the received creme (soothing) onto the permanent make up and when applying use a cotton tip.
  • Do not use any (medicinal) disinfecting lotions such as Sterilon or Betadine on the wounds.
  • Do not wear any bandages or gauze dressing on the permanent make up.
  • Do not in any circumstance use any make up on the wound during the healing period. Avoid any swimming water (chlorine water, bubble baths and natural swimming water) during the healing process.
  • Do not have a steam bath or do not go to the sauna.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the tattooed area, also do not have a full body solarium (not even with a suntan lotion).
  • Even after the healing period you should use a high factor sun block during sun bathing.
  • You must always contact your General Practitioner in case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, puss, colour change of the wound and pain.



Eyebrows powder brows €320,-
Eyebrows micro hairstoke €320,-
Combination ryebrows micro hairstoke / powder brows €350,-


Eyeliner upper or lower eyelid €200,-
Eyeliner upper and lower eyelid €340,-
Schadow above or under €200,-
Schadow above and under €340,-
Kayal (onto the rim of the eye) above or under €220,-
Kayal (onto the rim of the eye) above and under €380,-
Extra wide / Wings / Closed corners à €50,-
Wings / Closed corners in a separate treatment à €80,-


Lips €230,-
Colouring of lips €230,-
Half colouring of lips €130,-
Lips and colouring of lips €400,-
Lips and 1/2 colouring of lips €300,-
Tache de beauté €50,-

Correction of scarring: price to be determined after consult during trail treatment.
You determine by yourslef: length, width, stength and color.


Before PMU

After PMU


Adjustments Permanente Make-Up

After the first treatment adjustments are possible within 3 weeks. Sometimes it occurs that the colour you have chosen is not strong or bright enough, or that the skin has rejected too much paint. These adjustments are not free of charge.

The following prices apply.

Adjustments Prices

Adjustments Eyes (above or under) * Eyebrows Lip
within 6 months €70,- €100,- €80,-
after 6 months €100,- €150,- €130,-
after 3 years €130,- €200,- €160,-
after 5 years €150,- €230,- €190,-
after 7 years €180,- €260,- €210,-
after 10 years the new prices apply the new prices apply the new prices apply

If you have a correction done somewhere else the new prices apply.

Correction of scarring: price to be determined after consult during trail treatment.
You determine by yourslef: length, width, stength and color.

* Extras for €20,-



Food an drugs act

Certified by GGD (Health Service) and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

The Food and Drugs Act states that entrepreneurs of tattoo shops must command a licence issued by the minister of Health Welfare and Sports. In name of the minister of Health Welfare and Sports, the local health officials see to the decision making of such licences. Prior to the decision making process the local health officials will inspect all necessary aspects.
Permanent Make-Up studio Melanie has this license.

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Ik kom al heel wat jaren bij Melanie voor mijn eyeliner en afgelopen maand ook voor mijn wenkbrauwen. Melanie is echt de beste en verstaat haar vak 110%!!

Anouk Aimeé

Super goed adres! Heel vakkundig en lang resultaat!
Melanie heeft een geweldige toewijding.
Nogmaals top gr Odile Houx

Odile Houx

Ik heb mijn ogen bij Melanie laten doen, ze zijn echt super mooi geworden! Qua pijn viel het gelukkig reuze mee. Ben er heel blij mee!

Cheyenne Aretz


  • Follow the motorway to Heerlen;
  • Take the exit Heerlen Zuid; Atrium M.C.
  • When you reach the end of the exit go to the left.
  • Then take the second street to your right (the street is called “Zandweg”, pay attention to the sharp curve).
  • Finally, take the fith street to your left and you have reached your destination (Hoefblad 3).


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